Bat Masterson Old West Lawman

Bat Masterson is one of the old west lawmen that most people recognize. Lawman is only one of the monikers attributed to the very interesting man of the old west. During his lifetime he was a frontier lawman and a U.S. Marshal at one time but he was also a gambler, a buffalo hunter, and even a sports editor and columnist. He was also good friends with Wyatt Earp and rubbed elbows more than once with President Theodore Roosevelt. The President appointed Masterson a U.S. Marshal of the southern district of New York.

Bat Masterson seems to be one of those individuals living in the rough and lawless American west who lived on both sides of what society would call the law. A myth of his legendary days says that he killed 26 men but there are only 6 that can actually be documented. He seemed to love to gamble and helped manage gaming houses in several cities that he lived in.

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Bartholomew Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson

Once Bat Masterson left the old west and landed in New York, he continued a writing career that he started back in Dodge City. He also would sell guns that he would present as the “six-shooter” that he used on the frontier. He would make marks on the guns that he bought at pawn shops and sell them to unsuspecting “fans”. He is attributed with saying, “New York is the biggest boomtown there is. They will buy any damned thing here.”

Masterson lived to be 67 years old leaving the world with a heart attack at his desk as he penned an article for the New York Morning Telegraph.

 Bat Masterson Old West Lawman

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